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Meet C2C Neighbor: Christian Rogers
C2C Neighbor Since: 2012 (when he was 11)
What does being a C2C Neighbor mean to you?

My duty to help Haitians build their water distribution system and my family’s financial contributions to help them get all the supplies that are needed is what makes me a neighbor. They need financial help to get them proper water and also plant trees and it only takes a small amount per day or per month for a really good cause.

What is your hope for the people of Petit Goâve?

My hope is that they would be able to have daily necessities without having to walk miles and miles like I can go to my sink and draw water. It’s not going to happen right away but I want to have that be as close as possible so that clean water will be available.

What have you gotten as a result of being a C2C Neighbor?

If I was in that situation I would want someone to help me, so I need to be that one person to help this community and nation.

Christian’s dad Cordelle adds:
It was Christian’s own vision to become a C2C Neighbor by selling rubber band bracelets he made at our church and donating the proceeds to C2C. His mission to give and not get in return blessed us as we saw the gospel being lived out through us and our children – it’s a total blessing for our family.