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I Am Going To HaïtiMarch 8, 2014 by With LacroixWith LacroixI am going to Haïti. Wait… What did I just say? Yes I am going to Haïti! Wow I can’t believe it. I have only been to Haïti once in my life, back in 2003, and I haven’t been back since. Why you might ask? Well, because my parents, especially my dad, would always say that it was dangerous or there were a lot of kidnappings. It was always negative. My favorite comment was “I don’t want you near those Haitian people”. I remember saying, “okay, wait, aren’t we Haitians too?” His response was, “yes, but we can’t trust “those Haitians”. I assumed “those Haitians” were the people who were stuck in Haïti or didn’t have a desire to come to America. Wow, what a thing to tell your child, especially someone like me who was always considered a “kum ba ya” kind of girl. I accept all people and all cultures for who and what they are.Even though I heard this all my life, I always knew I would go visit and see it for myself. The first time I went to Haïti in 2003, I was with my uncle, who loves Haïti and didn’t mind me tagging along with him on his outings. It was great! I got to meet so many family members I didn’t know existed. After interacting with “those Haitians” for a week, it became evidently clear Haïti was not this dangerous place I was told about all my life. Maybe it was because I was with my uncle, I don’t know, but I vowed to myself I was going back. READ THE BLOG