We are Restoring Dignity To Families and Creating Sustainable Communities In Haïti.

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Creating self-sufficient communities by working with the community

We Are Restoring Dignity To Families And Creating Sustainable Communities In Haïti.

Restore Dignity by becoming a C2C Neighbor Monthly Donor

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We are restorers of Dignity

We attract those with a heart for generosity to do the same. Heeding the call is about all the lives you will impact for the good.

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Development With Dignity


We support vulnerable communities in Haïti to secure their community’s basic needs: water, food, shelter, education, health care, and economic development without the need for constant foreign aid. Our model incorporates a trust based approach and is a community-led, collaborative partnership with local peasant associations in vulnerable communities where we provide funding and technical assistance for innovative solutions resulting in self-sufficient communities. 

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Join Us: 2nd Annual Jean-Gérard Eusebe Golf Classic Fundraiser

Raise Funds + Build Health & Wellness Center = 1200+ Healthy Families

Our Mountainside Peasant Association partner, APHD, needs your support to build a Health & Wellness Center, a Continuous Care Initiative (CCI). It will serve their community in various preventive and emergency medical conditions. Such as high blood pressure, maternity care, and medical training i.e. CPA. Service provided by in-country medical personnel. CCI has provided the community receive continuous, quality healthcare.

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APHD Team Members Cholera Prevention Program | C2C
Emergency Response Initiative

APHD Peasant Association's Response to cholera outbreak

Community2Community is focused on a critical health crisis - the cholera outbreak in Petit-Goâve. Our Mountainside Peasant Association partner, APHD, is on the front lines and making significant strides in this battle. We're eager to share their progress and how you can help. Our Mountainside Peasant Association partner, APHD, is on the front lines in this battle to prevent the spread of cholera utilizing public awareness campaigns via radio PSAs and megaphones on the mountainside and in the marketplace to spread vital information. They conducted cholera intervention and prevention workshops in 10 schools, 5 churches, in the markets and for 3 local peasant associations. This resulted in training over 2,000 people in the community on how to protect themselves from contracting cholera. APHD has submitted a budget of $7,611.20 to C2C in order to continue their efforts to eradicate cholera from Petit-Goâve.

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Teachers, Parents & Students In Front Of Multifunctional Building
Impact Report

Development with Dignity

"The Seven Habits of Highly Effective People" is one of my favorite books. The author, Stephen Covey, coined the phrase “The main thing is to keep the main thing the main thing”. For Community2Community (C2C), Development With Dignity is our "main thing".

In 2023, your support helped our Partner Communities move the needle forward on the C2C Haïti Restoration & Transformation Project (HRTP) initiatives. Your heart for generosity made an impact in the lives of 1,200 families.

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The Internet Makes Its Way Up The Mountain!

Great news! Due to the generosity of our C2C Neighbor monthly donors, funds raised in the 4th quarter of 2023 helped our Mountainside Partner Community to do something they’ve been trying to do for over five years. We are excited to report that the multipurpose school building now has internet access!

The C2C Haïti Restoration & Transformation Project

14 years of Impact


Mountainside Families being served

We implemented preventive measures to address basic and specific health concerns and disease outbreaks and provided training to community members, empowering them to take proactive steps to safeguard their well-being.


Children Educated In 10 Years​

Quality education remains key to Haïti’s social and economic development. The Saul Louis Community School, supported by our Mountainside Partner Peasant Association, APHD, has been functioning as the sole elementary school from pre-Kindergarten through sixth grade. APHD added a trade school in 2022. Currently, they are adding 7th, 8th and 9th grades.


Trees Planted

Our Mountainside Partner Community planted 14,000 seedlings to promote agricultural development, encouraging sustainable farming practices and helping to enhance food security by purchasing and providing goats to families for milk, meat and market within the communities. This planting also ensured the beginning stages of a reforested mountainside as well as protect community water sources.


Quality Of Life improved due to access to essential services, economic opportunities

Our Mountainside Partner Community constructed a hurricane and earthquake resistant multifunctional building that provides space for emergency shelter and community training events. The building serves as a school for Kindergarten thru 7th grade during the day, a trade school on Saturdays and a church on Sundays. The construction of a road will improve the Mountainside Partner Community’s mobility throughout rough terrain and will provide easier access to the markets in the city center of Petit-Goâve. The construction of the canal and latrines will improve the Petit-Goâve Proper Partner Community’s sanitation infrastructure, keeping community members healthy, their water source clean, and protecting them from water-borne bacterial diseases like cholera.


People Trained To Combat Cholera

Aims to equip the Partner Communities to effectively respond to emergencies and disasters, fostering confidence and enabling them to take greater control over their communities’ health and wellness outcomes. To date, this initiative has enabled the Peasant Association leaders to combat Covid-19 and the most recent cholera outbreak.

Dignity • Restoration • Transformation • Inspiration

"The dignity of the person is the filter through which we work. Period."

— MarieYolaine Toms, CEO+FireStarter, C2C

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