follow site acquistare viagra generico 200 mg pagamento online a Venezia “Hope and A Future” – A Celebration of Haïti (HAAF) is an annual, inspirational, cultural experience presented by Community2Community (C2C).  HAAF is a fresh paradigm, where for one Saturday afternoon in the summer, New Yorkers will actually engage with the work C2C and C2C Neighbors do with their Partner Communities in Petit Goâve, Haïti.  Unlike the antiquated forms of charity, HAAF is an opportunity  to come alongside C2C’s Petit Goâve neighbors to connect and build forward together – empowering the Partner Communities to self-sufficient by working with them.

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click here You’re invited to moved from being a spectator to being a participant in C2C’s work with the communities on the ground.  Come join the Celebration!

While I was unable to attend the actual event, I heard raving reviews of everything that happened that night from start to finish. Typical C2C professionalism and perfection and I am more than proud to say I know you and am affiliated with you guys.- Sadrack Belony
I am at a lost for words… Tonight was an incredible journey. I felt as if I was in Haiti getting an inside on-the-spot experience of what life us for Haitians. Thank you for that. I am so very proud of you my sister, righteously proud. Heard 2 young ladies walking out of the sanctuary saying they had no idea it was going to be do good. The couple I introduced you to were excited to be able to meet you. I hope the meeting turns into more support for Haiti and C2C. Tonight there was a distinct feeling of Haitians feeling proud to be Haitians.- Janet
On May 10, 2013, I was honored to attend the “Hope and A Future” A Celebration of Haïti Ayiti Marche as an Artisan and a proud Haitian American. The event was well organized and I could see the effort brought forth to put together an event of excellent quality. I walked away with so much pride and encouragement that there are many people in my community who are dedicated in seeing Haitian people advance in their lives. Before attending this event, I had begun my journey endeavoring to learn more about my parents home country and the culture of which they came from. My lasting impressions of this event charged me to continue on the path that I began over a month ago to pursue the vision that God has given to me to help the Haitian population to be better and stronger as a nation. I look forward to attending this event next year and being a part of this great movement.- Edwidge
I met several very nice people assisting in some way. It was a full production with tastefully presented arts and crafts with cultural cuisine both colorful and delicious. I feel I may be getting closer to some of my Haitian roots having seen several people at the event that look like some of my own relatives. Let me just say thank you for allowing us the opportunity to contribute in some way to the overall event and to God’s work through your vision.- Kirk
As I walked in, I felt a spirit of freedom, there was no wallowing in the problem, but instead, a feeling of joy and pressing toward the solution. The tent outside was filled with a beautiful atmosphere and the Marché, the singing by the choir, everything just seemed to happen naturally, without a forced agenda to meet. As the play started, I took in the spirit of peace with which it was given. From the people telling their stories and emotional truth of the need for clean water in Petit Goâve, to the singers and musicians, I was able to receive their message in a way that felt personal. Thank you for not just posting facts about cholera, or about the ways you are empowering them to build their community. It was not a pamphlet kind of night. There was something greater; a real gathering to celebrate, to teach, to minister, to receive, and to give in any way we could. The message was delivered in a way that was dynamic because of the creativity behind it. When you spoke at the end, you did not have to say much because we understood the clarity and intent of your direction without words. I left with hope, and will continue to support the C2C work in Petit Goâve, whenever I can. But with a humble and grateful heart, above all of these things, I thank you most for caring. May you never underestimate the gift of that within itself. For without care, action is empty. Thank you for caring, and God bless You Always.- Leilani

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buy viagra Lots of NGO’s march in with their vision of what they think should be done in communities like these, but I’ve been delighted to watch the evolution of C2C listening and building based on what they’ve seen and their own connection with the community.

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