What's a C2C Neighbor?

A C2C Neighbor is someone who believes in the mission and vision of the C2C Haïti Restoration and Transformation Project and is a committed, monthly supporter of the people we serve.
C2C’s vision is to create self-sufficient communities where people can live, learn and grow, but we cannot do it alone. We need neighbors! We invite you to come be a part of something greater than yourself. Our Partner Communities and the surrounding neighborhoods have historically lacked the infrastructure to enact the change we collectively seek. The communities we work with have leaders with a variety of skills to contribute; they simply require the additional know-how to turn their passion into a plan of action. This is where C2C Neighbors comes in!

In 2011, with our first Partner Community in Petit Goâve, we launched the Water Distribution System Initiative to provide access to clean, potable water. In 2012, we successfully provided access to a community where the people, including elderly and children, were walking 2-4 hours, one-way, to fetch water. The goal for this year is to complete the system. Residents will be expected to pay a small fee for their water. The revenue made will then go towards maintenance, creating job opportunities and long-term development goals for the community.

While it took 35 seconds for the earthquake to wreak havoc, it takes 35 seconds for you to make a difference by joining us as we continue to work with our partner communities to get them back on the road
to self‐sufficiency.

C2C Neighbor Benefits

When you become a C2C Neighbor you move from being a spectator to being a participant!

You will impact lasting change for generations to come.

As a C2C Neighbor you’ll receive:

Help the communities we work with become self-sufficient.

Thank you! Mesi!

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