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Our Response to the Haiti 2021 Earthquake

Map of Haiti Earthquake

A 7.2 Magnitude earthquake rocked Southwest Haïti.

C2C is in contact with our Peasant Associations who are monitoring the situation and providing input as we create an immediate, short and long-term strategy. This page will be updated regularly with the latest information.

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An earthquake of 7.2 magnitude rocked southwest Haïti on August 14th at approximately 8:30am. Thankfully our immediate community in Petit Goâve was not significantly impacted with physical damage. However, members of our community that worked in or went to school in our neighboring communities of Les Cayes, Jeremie, and Petit Trou de Nippes (the epicenter of the quake) are still missing and suffered tragic loss. They need help right now. C2C is cooperating with our partners on the ground to provide assistance immediately, not just for the earthquake recovery, but also for hurricane preparedness as Tropical Storm Grace came through Haïti the week of August 16th causing flooding, drownings and power outages. 

It is important to point out that hurricane season in the Caribbean and the US eastern seaboard and gulf coast is from June to November every year. Nature is an ultimate constant and so should be our pursuit of sustainable and secure infrastructure. In doing so, Haïti will endure and prosper to be self-sufficient and withstand natural disasters.

We’re receiving donations now to help our local Peasant Associations in Petit Goâve provide in-country resources to help our fellow Haitian doctors, nurses, engineers, construction workers and more. Let’s empower our community in Petit Goâve to help others.

What does this mean exactly?

  • We do not send items that can be purchased locally in Haïti – we support  local small business
  • We do not collect clothes, canned goods, books, etc.
  • We will not do anything that fosters dependency

We invest in the people there. Help us help Haïti by creating self-sufficient communities by working with the community.

Please be sure to check “Earthquake” when you donate so that we can make sure it’s allotted to our response to the earthquake.

Immediate Funding Needs:

$100,000 – To build temporary shelters

$250,000 – To construct permanent housing

$50,000 – To plant community gardens

Short Term Plan (Aug-Dec 2021)

Addressing restoration of livelihood, homes and animals. This plan involves sustainable solutions that will allow us to support our Partner Communities to address their present needs, while staying the course to complete the infrastructure initiatives of our pilot project. We plan to:

  1. Create cash for work programs that allow the people to rebuild community water systems, schools, latrines, churches, hospitals and homes
  2. Repair water systems that have been damaged
  3. Invest in local farmers to begin planting for harvest in 3 months
  4. Purchase (in country) roofing materials, wood and nails to repair damaged homes
  5. Purchase (in country) “toll” (galvanized metal roofs), wood to construct temporary shelters for displaced people to stay
  6. Design hurricane-resistant schools
  7. Design hurricane-resistant churches
  8. Design hurricane-resistant shelters for animals and crop seed
  9. Draft emergency preparedness plans for the remaining 2021 hurricane season and 2022 season

Long Term Plan (1-2 Years+)

Staying the course to complete the infrastructure initiatives of the Water Distribution System, reforestation/environmental stabilization, a permanent community school, and economic development & independence.

Our Peasant Associations and Partner Communities are mobilized, sensitized and motivated about environmental management and actively engaged in creating sustainable solutions.

We are in partnership with the Haitian Women’s Collective (HWC) and the International Black Women’s Public Policy Institute (IBWPPI) among others and thank them for their support of long-term, sustainable solutions and our mission to create self-sufficient communities by working with the community.

The work continues! We invite you to join us and be a part of something greater than yourself. To partner with us, please contact us at

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