Brick By Brick

C2C Champion Fundraiser​​

Hosted by C2C Champion
Krystal Paulin

GOAL:  Raise $1,804 for the Saul Louis Community School in C2C’s Mountainside Partner Community in Petit Goâve, Haïti

This fundraiser is now closed.

Krystal raised $2,179 in 30 days for the Saul Louis Community School!

Thank you Krystal!

Our Partner Communities still need your support, you can donate to C2C on our Donation page.

About C2C Champion
Krystal Paulin

“Being a C2C champion means challenging myself to make the impact that I know I can make…”

A child of Haitian Immigrants, Krystal Paulin always felt disconnected from her history through a language barrier. After the earthquake in 2010, she questioned how her monetary contributions made an impact. After deciding in 2019 that she was ready to directly impact Haitian families, she was referred to C2C and knew immediately that this organization aligned with her values and desire to make a real and lasting impact.  

Believing that Education is key, Krystal connected with C2C’s Education Initiative and became a C2C Champion by committing to raise $1,804 (in homage to the year Haïti became an independent country) to help fund the initiative via her Brick By Brick virtual fundraiser.  

The #BrickByBrick fundraiser launches on Thursday, April 18th and runs for 30 days.  Krystal is engaging her community and extended networks to invest in the current operations and future building fund for the permanent Saul Louis Community School.  This permanent, state of the art facility, will serve approximately 350 children, kindergarten thru 6th grade, as well as a trade school for their parents.

C2C is actively seeking funding to construct a permanent school with our Mountainside Partner Community.  Currently, the teachers of the community teach in a open temporary shelter on the mountain.  Previous temporary shelters were destroyed by the 2010 Earthquake and Hurricanes Ericka and Matthew.

The Education Initiative is a collaboration between educational professionals on the C2C New York Team and the 10 teachers on the ground. Their goal is to not only build the school, but establish an educational system of lifelong learning for the teachers, students and their parents.

In partnering with C2C, Krystal knows this undertaking will not be completed overnight.  Raising the $400K for the permanent school will be done #BrickByBrick.

As the Haitian Proverb goes, “Men anpil, chay pa lou (Many hands make the load lighter)”.  We invite you to be one of the many hands and help build this permanent school that will change the lives of the children in our Partner Community whom we’ve come to know and love.  Krystal is right, Education is key. It’s the key to a better life.

Interested in becoming a C2C Champion? Contact Midea Stewart at or call 646.598.7792.

We’re Raising Funds for

The Saul Louis Community School is named after the late Saul Louis, a farmer in our Mountainside Partner Community, who could neither read nor write, but was a tireless advocate of education for every child in his community.  The funds raised from #BrickByBrick will go towards our building fund as we seek full funding from multiple sources to build the permanent school and support the school’s teachers . Support Krystal & Donate Today!

Your Donation Supports

Though the average salary for a teacher in a state-run school is roughly $125 USD a month (or 5,000 Haitian gourdes), all 10 school teachers at our Mountainside Partner Community’s school were full-time volunteers when C2C met them in 2010.

The teachers, who walk or take a motorcycle taxi up the mountain daily, are making a tremendous personal sacrifice, as the school does not receive any support from the national government.

In 2014, C2C started sending a stipend for each teacher from funds received from our C2C Neighbors (monthly donors).

School-Lunch Program

Many students and the teachers are not receiving adequate nutrition to sustain their four to six-hour round trip journey to the school each day.

A significant number of children and parents are forced to decide between attending school or staying behind to assist with household tasks, such as collecting water. As a result, the community requested C2C’s support to establish a school-lunch program until the permanent school is built. One meal a day at school would enable more children to attend and further their education. 

The parents of the students are committed to their education and C2C is committed to the community. Together, with Krystal and other C2C Champions, we will make Saul Louis’s dream of education for every child on the mountainside a reality.

“…It means not limiting myself by thinking that I cannot act because of a language or distance barrier.  Being a C2C Champion means showing others that they can have an impact as well.”
-Krystal Paulin