The first CHANGE04CHANGE school fundraising program was implemented at the Knowledge is Power Program (KIPP) of the National Charter School Network in Brooklyn, NY during November of 2011. Originally conceived as a seventh grade social studies class project to combine education and fund-raising, it resulted in a school-wide effort to form a generation of children willing to take a stand for change. Due to the dedication of its staff and the commitment of the children, $1,000 was raised.

For more information on how your school can be a part of CHANGE04CHANGE email us at info@community2community.info or call 718.393.7740.
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CHANGE04CHANGE is the educational fundraising campaign created by C2C to engage schools and colleges. The goal of CHANGE04CHANGE is to raise $400,000 to go directly toward the building of the permanent Saul Louis Community School in Petit Goâve.

How it works:

    • Your school partners with C2C for the campaign and selects C2C Ambassadors to be the liaisons between C2C and your school.
    • Students collect change for one month during the year (March or April) with a final goal of raising $1000. Creative means to collect change can be adopted via various school fundraising projects (i.e, bake sales, Penny Harvest, etc.)
    • Students are incentivized to raise funds by learning about what children like themselves are facing in Haïti so they understand that their efforts will make a direct impact.
    • Students are encouraged to devise their own creative ways to raise funds in and out of the school through teacher lessons and competitive markers against other classes, grades, neighborhood schools, etc.

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Lots of NGO’s march in with their vision of what they think should be done in communities like these, but I’ve been delighted to watch the evolution of C2C listening and building based on what they’ve seen and their own connection with the community.

Bryan H.
C2C Neighbor Since 2010

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