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COVID-19 Response

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Dentist Dr. Elie - C2C Continuous Care Initiative - Good Health Week, Dec. 2018
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MarieYolaine Toms, Founder – FireStarter + CEO – of Community2Community.

C2C inProgress Report: We have a response plan for COVID-19 in Petit Goâve, Haïti


The Community2Community (C2C) New York team is working with our collaborative partners for our COVID-19 Response. C2C is not a relief organization.  We are a service and development organization that responds to the needs of our Partner Communities in a way that:

  • Values their voices
  • Honors their dignity
  • Stays true to our mission of “creating self-sufficient communities by working with the community”

We accomplish this goal by listening to our C2C Haïti Team and Partner Communities. We also partner with other organizations to respond to short-term needs and design and execute sustainable long-terms solutions.

We've been Here ~ #10YearsofCommunity

2010 - Water Initiative: Water Purification Training

Community attends water purification training after 2010 Earthquake to fight cholera.

2010 - Water Initiative: Water Purification Training

Peasant Association Member trains community on cholera prevention.

2011 - Latrine Initiative

Community constructs 85 latrines (outhouses) to combat cholera 2011-18.

2017 - Continuous Care Initiative

Lab Tech administering malaria and typhoid test.

2018 - Continuous Care Initiative

Monthly health and wellness doctors visit.

$6,205 of $40,000 raised
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Donation Total: $12

Total Funding Goal: $40,000


Secure emergency items and provide funds for the Peasant Associations of each Partner Community to purchase items on the ground to create COVID-19 Response Packets for their communities. The Collaborative Response plan will be executed via our current initiatives:

Continuous Care Initiative:

  • COVID-19 Prevention Response Packets
  • COVID-19 Training Materials

 Water & Sanitation Initiative:  

  • Water Station Supplies

Economic Development Initiative:

  • Mask Production Equipment and Materials


Support our Partner Communities to plan and execute their longer term sustainable solutions to continue addressing their COVID-19 needs. We plan to:

  1. Raise funds to secure protective gear for medical personnel, midwives and Peasant Association health committee members.
  2. Train Peasant Associations on COVID-19 protocols to empower their communities.
  3. Support Peasant Associations to disseminate COVID-19 Response Packets; each containing one pair of gloves, one mask and one bar of soap.
  4. Purchase handwashing stations to distribute throughout Petit Goâve and neighboring towns.

Helping our Partner Communities defeat COVID-19 requires access to clean water, proper sanitation and healthcare.  Adapting and adjusting our focus to address COVID-19 will allow our Partner Communities to continue on the road to self-sufficiency. 

Our Collaborators

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Our Partner Communities are leading sustainable efforts on the ground to prevent and stop the spread of COVID-19!

C2C is excited about the new partnerships with the Haitian American Caucus-Haïti, Haitian Women’s Collective, Hope Village Global and others for their support. We invite you to join them and be part of something much greater than yourself. 

Will you help us meet the needs of the medical personnel and front liners in Petit Goâve, Haïti? 

What you invest in this work will help reap a harvest of health and sustainability beyond this pandemic. 

No amount is too small. No amount is insignificant. 

Every life counts. Every cent counts. 

Thank you for helping save lives in Petit Goâve, Haïti.

Mesi! Thank you!


Kenbe fèm tout moun! Hold firm and be vigilant everyone!

Community2Community (C2C)
is a tax-exempt 501(C)(3) nonprofit organization.


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Send a check to: 

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Place in the memo of your check C2C COVID -19 Response