Development With Dignity In 2023

Helping our brother's and sister's restore dignity to their communities, is Community2Community's "main thing". 
“The main thing is to keep the main thing the main thing”
Stephen Covey
Author of "The Seven Habits of Highly Effective People"

“The Seven Habits of Highly Effective People” is one of my favorite books. The author, Stephen Covey, coined the phrase “The main thing is to keep the main thing the main thing”. For Community2Community (C2C), Development With Dignity is our “main thing”.  

In 2023, your support helped our Partner Communities move the needle forward on the C2C Haïti Restoration & Transformation Project (HRTP) initiatives. Your heart for generosity made an impact in the lives of 1,200 families.

I won’t mince words, the first quarter of 2024 is not what we’d hoped for Haïti or her people. But I believe sometimes you have to look behind you to see the proof of what you’ve overcome to give you the courage to look ahead. What you helped our Partner Communities achieve in 2023 is nothing short of amazing.

The epicenter of the crisis is in the capital

The crisis in the capital does not provide a trail we can follow. So, we’ll do what we’ve done for 14 years, we’ll blaze one in the countryside where our work is. We are mission driven and assignment focused. Therefore, whoever is president, whoever is in congress, it does not change the plans that our Partner Communities have for themselves. The work will continue till completion.

In 2024, the “main thing” for the Mountainside Partner Community Peasant Association, APHD, is completing phase 2 of the road construction, adding a 9th grade curriculum to the Saul Louis Community School system, planting 10,000 trees, and constructing a health & wellness center to serve 1,200 families. For the Petit-Goâve Proper Partner Community Peasant Association, ODCP, it is starting phase 2 of the canal construction. This will improve the health and sanitation conditions of the 85 families that make up their community. This is Development With Dignity.


Education Initiative Expansion

The Saul Louis Community School in our Mountainside Partner Community added 7th & 8th grade this year. This addition is ensuring over 300 children can continue their education locally, eliminating safety concerns for their parents. Additionally, the 10 high school girls supported by the grant from the Haitian Women’s Collective continued their high school education in excellence and they are on track to graduate on time.

June - October

Infrastructure Initiative - Canal Construction

Canal Before Work Began | Development With Dignity | Community2Community
Construction Begins On The Canal | Development With Dignity | Community2Community
Progress | Development With Dignity | Community2Community
Section 1 of the Canal Complete | Development With Dignity | Community2Community

The ODCP Peasant Association in our Petit-Goâve Proper Partner Community began construction on the canal that runs through their community. Constructing this canal is addressing a decade-long health hazard to over 85 families. Completing the canal will end overflow of rain water during hurricane season that routinely drives contaminated water into the community, subsequently resulting in water borne diseases. The work on the canal is also providing jobs to the community. 


Emergency Response Initiative: Cholera Intervention Begins

APHD team member on truck with supplies for cholera prevention | Development With Dignity | Community2Community

In response to a cholera outbreak in Petit-Goâve, the Mountainside Peasant
Association, APHD, purchased vital supplies, conducted educational workshops, and installed handwashing stations to prevent the spread.


Jean-Gérard Eusebe Golf Classic Fundraiser!

Our first annual golf classic fundraiser raised $56,000 towards our $150,000 goal to support our Mountainside Partner Community to construct a health & wellness center in their community. Having a health & wellness center on the mountainside will ensure mothers can give birth safely and decrease mother and infant mortality. This is Development With Dignity. Additionally, people won’t need to walk two hours down the mountain to seek medical treatment. Currently, community members have to miss a day of work and pay to walk down the mountain to see a doctor.  


12 Days Of Giving

12 Days Of Giving Supply Request For Soap To Combat Against Cholera | Development With Dignity | Community2Community
Cholera Intervention Training At The School | Development With Dignity | Community2Community

Our 12 Days Of Giving Campaign highlighted supplies and equipment needed for the Mountainside Peasant Association, APHD, to address the resurgence of cholera. You helped us raise $5,332, which helped APHD purchase buckets, soap, oral rehydration salts and secure clean water for hand-washing stations. APHD also presented cholera intervention & prevention workshops in 10 schools, 5 churches, and in the markets as well as trained 3 local peasant associations. This resulted in training over 2,000 people in the community to effectively protect themselves against cholera. Additionally, they learned what to do if they contracted the water borne disease to battle through and survive it.


Development With Dignity Continues

Your generosity empowers communities and fosters self-sufficiency. This is Development With Dignity and how Community2Community is Restoring Dignity, one community at a time. We couldn’t have done it without you.

2024 marks 14 years of collaboration and partnership built on trust with our Partner Communities. We are excited to share our plans and other exciting news with you in our next report!

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