Education Initiative

7 DJs | 1 Party | All for Haïti

Saturday, Nov. 6, 12 - 7 PM EST

Fundraiser for Haiti Restoration and Transformation Pilot Project


After surveying the site and reviewing the design the community proposed, our project manager is working on the development of a design that uses tested sustainable building systems and practices. Working with Haitian and American architect partners, we will incorporate details that we see in the community’s local architectural vernacular. This way, the design that allows both parties to bring expertise to the table.
The school is currently in design development with drafted construction documents, budgets and schedules consistent with the Water and Reforestation Initiatives already in progress.  A temporary shelter was built in 2013 to house the students during the design development phase.


 Shortly after our August 2015 trip, Hurricane Ericka destroyed our temporary school shelter the day before school was to start in September. This was devastating to our teachers, parents, and students, as the school year could not begin in September. Currently, the semester is on hold and the children are not in school.


After several meetings in New York and in Petit Goâve, we agreed with the community not to build another temporary school shelter that may be leveled by the next hurricane. We are now pursuing $400K to build a permanent school. This will require sacrifice on all sides to build a school that will withstand the forces of nature and serve as a multi-functional facility as a school for students and parents.  We continue, via our C2C Neighbors to provide a monthly stipend for our teachers.

"If we find a way to engage our students, the possibilities are limitless."