Ways to Give

What if you could be part of a community where you could meaningfully serve by using your gifts and talents? A community where you could make a lasting difference in people’s lives? What if you could start… today?

How You Can Empower Our Partner Communities


Donate to the Community2Community Haïti Restoration and Transformation Project. Your donation will go directly to the people of Petit Goave to help:

  • Repair the reservoir damaged by the earthquake to create a water distribution center that will provide clean water for the entire village
  • Restore the main road to support safe and stable transportation of people, goods and services resulting in increased business development, commerce and trading
  • Rebuild their school to provide quality education to the community’s over 300 children, with space for an additional 100 children displaced from surrounding areas
  • Reforest the mountainside for sustainable agriculture and farming
MarieYolaine visiting Petit Goave resident


Partner with us by becoming a C2C Partner. As a partner you, your company or organization will be recognized on Our Partners Page for supporting C2C’s vision of “creating self-sufficient communities by working with the community” as well as your in-kind contributions of equipment, supplies, meeting space, goods and/or services to raise awareness for the Community2Community Haïti Restoration and Transformation Project.

Become a c2c Neighbor

A C2C Neighbor is someone who believes in the mission and vision of the C2C Haïti Restoration and Transformation Project and is a committed, monthly supporter of the people we serve.

When You Become A C2C Neighbor You Move From Being A Spectator To Being A Participant!


We need volunteer support from a wide range of professionals within Haïti and the world community: engineers, architects, medical doctors, assistants and pharmacists, teachers, carpenters, construction workers, proposal writers, fundraisers, translators, and more.

Join us by investing some of your time and talent in the Petit Goâve community.


Share with your social networks to help us get the word out about this amazing project!

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a donation drive or fundraiser where you work or live, or at your place of worship.


one of our Monthly “C2C Help Rebuild Haïti” Happy Hours. Sign up to be notified!


of some new, innovative ways to help!

Join the community!

We invite you to join the C2C community and be part of the effort, where, working directly with the Haïtian people, we’re creating a more self-sufficient Haïti!