Meet C2C Neighbor Amelia T.

C2C Neighbor since: 2016

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follow url Why did you become a C2C neighbor?

I traveled to Haïti with C2C in August of 2013.  The people of Petit Goâve left an indelible impression on my sense of what community is and how it is forged.  Since this trip I have desired to do more to help C2C support the overall development of this region.  I am grateful to be a neighbor to demonstrate my commitment to the success of the people of Petit Goâve. What does being a C2C Neighbor mean to you?

Neighbors are people among whom I feel safe and are active members of the community to which I belong.  Despite my physical distance from Petit Goâve I consider the residents of this community, my neighbors.  They extended their hands to me during my stay among them and in turn my heart has been extended to help them meet their goals.  We are neighbors to one another.

canadian propecia How did your trip to Haïti affect your understanding of what it means to be a Neighbor?

I am of Haitian descent but had never traveled to Haiti before the C2C trip.  My sense of personal investment deepened during the trip and my desire to make choices, even sacrifices, on behalf of fellow Haitians was awakened and stirred.  I better understand that a neighbor not only says he/she cares but demonstrates it by what he/she does.

follow site C2C’s motto is “Come Inspired, Leave an Inspiration.” What inspires you?

Seeing people make ongoing, deliberate and measurable progress inspires me. What is your hope for the people of Petit Goâve?

My hope for the people of Petit Goâve is the hope I have for myself and my family – to see them achieve all for which they have been destined, to thrive and be of service to others.

go to site What have you seen in terms of progress for C2C over the last 5 years?

I have seen C2C make significant progress on two key fronts: 1) I personally witnessed community members plant seedlings on the mountainside as part of the reforestation efforts; and 2) C2C continues toward its goal of a completed water distribution system.

see url What have you gotten as a result of being a C2C Neighbor?

I continued to be re-inspired to do more, to be a better neighbor and to learn from C2C’s work to support community-led community development.

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