Continuous Care Initiative

Mobilizing resources to support the transformation of developing, international communities into healthy, self-sufficient communities.

Introducing the C2C Continuous Care Initiative

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Founder and CEO, MarieYolaine Toms, shares the heart behind our Continuous Care Initiative (CCI) in Petit Goâve, Haïti. Hear directly from community members on the ground about how the CCI has helped so many families receive the healthcare they deserve.

What exactly is the Continuous Care Initiative (CCI)?

In 2017, Community2Community conducted a health assessment survey in the mountainside communities of Petit Goȃve, a coastal commune in the south of Haïti. The findings of that survey birthed The Continuous Care Initiative,” a C2C initiative to engage in locally sourced preventative healthcare and education.

C2C initiative to engage in locally sourced preventative healthcare and education.

Like the name says, The Continuous Care Initiative (CCI) is not a hospital or state-of-the-art medical facility. But it is an innovative way to provide families with in-country resources for health education, services, and preventive medications for identified illnesses. It is innovative because the CCI is a community development approach that partners with two main “peyizan” (Peasant) groups in Petit Goave.

What’s in it for members of the community?

1200 families

CCI has provided access to


C2C at work

C2C trip to Petit Goave for Continuous Care Initiative


30% ↓


Monthly doctor visits lead to a 30% decrease in high blood pressure in those afflicted with it.

10 mins.


Two-hour walk down the mountain to the hospital vs. 10 min walk to Health & Wellness Center on the mountain.

92% ↓


Costs for doctor’s visits and health care have decreased by 92% from the start of the Continuous Care Initiative.


  • Regular wellness visits with the doctor vs. mobile clinics established a herd-like mentality. Building a relationship with the same doctor creates trust and willingness to take care of oneself. 
  • These services are not free, but the nominal and highly affordable fees paid by the community are a monthly revenue stream for the local “peyizan” associations. The Peasant Association uses the revenue to cover ongoing administration to ensure the monthly doctor’s visits continue. This format will make the initiative self-sufficient and sustainable.
  • The Continuous Care Initiative is life-saving. 
  • When you prevent a child from getting diarrhea, you save its life.

When you help adults lower their blood pressure, you save a life.

Nurse explains prescription directions to CCI clients
Nurse explains prescription directions to CCI clients

Where do we go from here?

With your help, we will complete the next phase, building a Health & Wellness Center that will expand and continue the current offerings of the CCI plus:

  • Implement a telehealth system that can link medical staff in Haïti with medical professionals in our network for troubleshooting and guidance, including training
  • Provide quarterly CPR and First Aid training
  • Provide yearly cervical cancer screenings

The Bottom Line

This monthly health education via the doctors’ visits engages local communities to move from dependency to development.

Just like our mission statement says, “creating self-sufficient communities by working with the community.”


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