Road Initiative

7 DJs | 1 Party | All for Haïti

Saturday, Nov. 6, 12 - 7 PM EST

Fundraiser for Haiti Restoration and Transformation Pilot Project


The construction of the road is a multi-phased project. Being the largest undertaking of the total effort, it will not only require the most material and man power, but also the most time. It is because of this that we are formulating a schedule in which the first phase of the road construction will be the grading of the path into a temporary dirt road. This will require moving substantial amount of earth, and blazing a trail for materials and equipment to get to the remote location of the school.


After the school has reached substantial completion. The paving of the road will begin. This will start from the school, and be laid in reverse to ensure lengthy curing time for the newly laid surface. The road is unpaved, and for the last portion descending into the community, the road is extremely steep and not passable by vehicular traffic. Only foot traffic can reach the community at this time. This project will rebuild the road and allow vehicular access to the community, the school, and economic development opportunities.

PHASE 3 – The Work Will Continue To Completion

“Men anpil, chay pa lou.” (Many hands make the load lighter.) is a Haitian proverb that speaks to the importance of communal strength. We continue to commit, spend, invest and devote our time, talent and money into the people.  This will not only have a sustainable impact, working with the community will result in a self-sufficient community and leave a lasting legacy.


Lots of NGO’s march in with their vision of what they think should be done in communities like these, but I’ve been delighted to watch the evolution of C2C listening and building based on what they’ve seen and their own connection with the community.