The Internet Makes Its Way Up The Mountain!

Great news! Due to the generosity of our C2C Neighbor monthly donors, funds raised in the 4th quarter of 2023 helped our Mountainside Partner Community to do something they’ve been trying to do for over five years. We are excited to report that the multipurpose school building now has internet access!

This is a great accomplishment for the APHD Mountainside Peasant Association. As a matter of fact, the screen shot from the zoom meeting below, was the first zoom meeting we had with one APHD member on the mountain, one in town and our CEO in New York.

Why is this significant?

The day before our weekly meeting, there was torrential rain and they were not able to go down the mountain to have the meeting. Usually this would mean canceling the meeting. Now that there is internet access on the mountain, we will be able to have our weekly and monthly meetings without interruption.

This is a game changer for our teachers and students. Teachers will be able to access the internet to prepare lesson plans, as well as collaborate together on educational projects. Students will be able to do research for their class assignments on topics like reforestation, environmental stabilization, farming and agriculture. According to an article in Haiti Libre, “Nearly 4 million students in Haiti have been affected by school closures due to Covid-19, which has made them dependent on online learning. In such a context, education may be out of reach for those without access to the Internet. The digital divide perpetuates the inequalities that already divide countries and communities.”

Everyone is so excited! We have a school filled with great minds who aspire to become lawyers, doctors, nurses, teachers, agronomists, and so many other professions who now have access to information that will enhance their education and help them reach their academic goals. This is the impact of C2C Neighbors as restorers of dignity for the teachers and students, some of whose parents didn’t get the opportunity to go to school. This is how a community becomes sustainable and self-sufficient.

C2C Neighbors are making generational impact and Restoring Dignity. Thank you! ~ Mesi Anpil!

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