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2019: Planning+Execution=Progress

At our February team meeting, we hit the ground running. We engaged in thought-provoking, planning conversations for how we want 2019 to be about Planning+Execution=Progress. Our bosses, the beautiful children of our Partner Communities, were always at the forefront of our minds.

 “C2C creates access. C2C creates an environment for our communities to be people.”

During our meeting, we determined that there is a great need for “Equality”, “Community”, and “Self-sufficiency” in 2019, not just for the work we are doing with our Partner Communities, but for the world in general. C2C and our Partner Communities will meet these needs by focusing on the health and education of the children in 2019. After a robust conversation, C2C FireStarter + CEO MarieYolaine Toms nailed it. “C2C creates access. C2C creates an environment for our communities to be people.”
We have structured this organization so that the people we serve and work “with” are at the table with us, making the final decision on how they want to move forward based on their needs. We have and continue to build trust with our communities by having open and challenging conversations that may not be easy to have, but are better if we are to do the work we do the right way.
Knowing who we are and how we do what we do, our goal this year is to be intentionally purposeful with our words, actions, graphics, campaigns and more, so our Partner Communities can achieve their ultimate goal, self-sufficiency. 
With our Communications team leading the way, we are working diligently on revamping our website, inProgress report layout, and exploring better ways to interact with our C2C Neighbors, C2C Champions, C2C Ambassadors and partners. It is important to C2C that the people philanthropically investing in our organization and Partner Communities know who they are supporting and that they are involved in the results of this organization every step of the way. Since the launch of the C2C Neighbor campaign in 2014, our C2C Neighbors, have financially supported:

  • Our Partner Community planting 14,000 seedlings back into the mountainside
  • the construction of 85 latrines(outhouses) for 85 families…and counting
  • the purchase of 160 goats, since Hurricane Matthew, to provide to 160 families for milk+meat+market
  • the quarterly stipend of 9 teachers to continue educating the 300+ children in our mountainside Partner Community
  • 90+ women from both Partner Communities receiving cervical cancer screenings, some experiencing this for the first time in their lives
  • the Continuous Care Initiative (CCI) launch in November 2017 with “Semen Bon Sante”/“Week of Good Health”
  • the doctors, nurses, medical supplies, CPR and First Aid training during the monthly doctor’s visits in 2018, which helped serve 400 people since it’s launch in 2017

The beauty of our C2C Neighbor campaign, launched in 2014, is that you, the donor, choose what amount you would like to contribute on a monthly basis. Ultimately, our Neighbors fuel the monthly operations of the C2C Haiti Restoration and Transformation Pilot Project (HRTPP). Our C2C Neighbors range from individuals to corporate givers, like American Express and BNY Mellon, to partners, such as IBWPPI, who have made the decision to move from being spectators of the work to active participants in the work. You could also join them in being a part of something greater than yourself. Are you willing to “Make Room” in 2019?
THIS is why we are excited about 2019. Yes, there have been protests on the ground and if you want to educate yourself on what is currently happening on the ground, this article “Mass Protests In Haiti…” is a good place to start. I encourage you to read articles from various sources to get a balanced story.
What’s important to remember is, that no matter what the political situation may be, our bosses, Danika and her friends above, are counting on us to help them create and build a healthy, prosperous life.

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